Elopement on the French Atlantic coast

elopement mariage fleurs sechees
picto de rose

Com discover this beautiful seaside elopement wedding, with a dried flowers bouquet for the bride.

I’ll let the photographer Dorothée Buteau explain the story of these images:

At first, I wanted to organize and elopement inspiration shooting, in order to inspire couples to fall for this kind of intimate union that I love so much. 

I also wanted to highlight some unrecognized gorgeous places couple don’t think of in a first place: one often thinks you need to go far away for this type of expérience but there are some local spots that work just as well!

Then one day I met Sabrina et Saad, a couple living in Nantes and got married a few years back.  

On a summer night, shortly after we met, they agreed to escape and elope on the beautiful wild Atlantic coast, in Vendée. 

Steep rocks, wind,  warm summer night lights, the raw beauty of their connection, their singularity, their skins touching, their breathes… it was a bewitching, intense and out of time moment.  

Photos: Dorothée Buteau

Hair comb: La Chambre Blanche

Earrings: Lizeron Paris

Rings: Hélène Turbé

Dress: Asos