Bouquet de fleurs de saison issu d'un abonnement
picto de rose

Every month, seasonal flowers
bouquets made with love and
delivered to you.

Treat yourself or offer a special gift…

Choose among my different subscriptions to receive fresh flowers bouquets, made with love following the seasons and my inspiration.

As a member of the Collectif de la Fleur Française, I am committed to use no less than 50% of local flowers all year long (for your reference, on average in France 9 flowers out of 10 are imported).

And because every little bit makes a difference, in a zero waste approach the bouquets are delivered in reusable wrapping.

And if you prefer to buy a bouquet from time to time, the Bouquet of the Week is available here.

I also offer bespoke office flower subscription, contact me to get your custom proposal : to fire the imagination of your visitors, take care of your coworkers, foster the well-being.