Colorful wedding in Nantes vineyard

picto de rose

Here’s a glimpse at Typhaine & Leopold’s wedding that took place last June in Nantes vineyard, at Seigneurie du Bois Benoist : for this wedding we had fun playing with colors in a delicate and soft way. We sourced a large selection of seasonal and local blooms grown by local flower farmers of Nantes’ region.

I loved designing this 2 part ceremony decor : one part was designed directly on the centenary tree, the other part like a half arch was placed next to the couple, and moved after the ceremony to decorate the reception entrance.

On the tables, all the centerpieces (foam free obviously) were different and there were so many seasonal beauties inside: peonies, garden roses, wild blooms…

The couple didn’t want to appear on the pictures so you’ll only see the decoration here, but that’s already a pretty nice overview of this day 😉

Photos : Crabe & Koala

Arch structure : Florésie Frameworks