Bridal dress collection shooting for Maud Vigneau

shooting collection robe mariee bouquet
picto de rose

When the bridal designer Maud Vigneau asked me to create a bouquet for her collection shooting, I didn’t hesitate for one second, especially knowing the beautiful team around her : Cathy Marion for the pictures, Rosa Event Design for the styling and Audrey from Aya for hair & makeup.

I love the ambiance they created, the light is really magical and it highlights so perfectly Maud’s delicate work and her nature-inspired dresses.

You’ll notice a detail I really love: some of her dresses are adorned with a dried flowers pin of my creation. Each pin is bespoke, like Maud’s dresses, and it will allow you to customize even further the gown of your dreams.

For the bouquet, I was inspired by the change of seasons. You’ll see golden dried textures from fall, beautiful hellebores (queen of winter flowers), and delicate spring flowers (tulips, narcissus).